Cutting housing benefit for young people will not work – sign our petition below


John bw80,000 young people a year experience homelessness in the UK every year

We know that many young people rely on housing benefit to keep a roof over their heads.

These young people do not choose to become homeless. They are often forced out of home because of domestic violence or family breakdown. 

Young people like Andrea

For homeless young people, housing benefit is a short-term solution, which provides the support they need to get a job and live an independent life - a life not reliant on benefits.

We fear that cutting housing benefit could force more young people into rough sleeping and prevent them from finding sustainable employment.

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In autumn 2014, Prime Minister David Cameron announced that, under a future Conservative government, all single young people between the ages of 18 and 21 who do not have children would no longer be eligible to claim housing benefit.This is a change from his previous announcement that under 25s should not get housing benefit.*

THIS PETITION STILL STANDS and we are urging ALL political parties NOT to cut housing benefit for young people - SIGN TODAY!


NO to cutting housing benefit under 21s

NO to cutting housing benefit for under 21s


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You could tweet: Housing benefit provides homeless young people with the short-term support they need to rebuild their lives. Do NOT cut it for 18-21s.

Write to your MP - tell them that you are concerned about the proposal to cut housing benefit for young people aged 18-21. 

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* This petition has been updated in light of Cameron's 2014 announcement that housing benefit would be cut for 18-21 year olds in a Conservative government, not 18-25 year olds. If you have any questions, you can email us here.