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Cuts in housing benefit will increase youth homelessness


Centrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people – we know that housing benefit is a lifeline, not a lifestyle. Without it, vulnerable young people will be forced to sleep on the streets and hostels will close.


Thousands are running from abuse, neglect, violence, escaping family breakdown or living with their own mental health problem. They can’t just go home.


False economy: cuts to housing benefit will increase youth homelessness                                                                                                            

Not only will cuts to housing benefit increase youth homelessness…they won’t save you a penny.


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Centrepoint research by Heriot-Watt University and campaign group End Youth Homelessness found that proposed cuts to housing benefit would save tax payers just £3m rather than the estimated £120m. 


The Conservatives have pledged to cut housing benefit for claimants aged 18-21 who are not in work. As the majority party, it's now easier for them to do it.


Our research reveals that not only would savings be negligible, but only 140 more young people would need to become homeless for new claimant restrictions to actually begin costing taxpayers.


Homeless young people like Ben will be hit by the cuts. Without housing benefits, he could end up on the streets.



With 80,000 young people experiencing homelessness in the UK every year, are the cuts worth the risk?


So what can you do?

VOTE. Have your say.

SIGN. Sign our petition and support our cuts campaign.

WRITE. Email your MP and tell them what you think of the cuts.

SHARE. Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter


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